Besides offense a well versed boxer knows that defense is equally important. The Small Bag, being lighter than most other gym bags, is great for this because it can swing back and forth was more than the a traditional heavy bag. That being said here we show you some tips in how you can use your Small Bag to make the most our of your defense training.



Taking care of your gloves

So, around this part of the year a lot of people are beginning to return or to enter for the first time to the GYM, with the new year and all. Most probably because new year’s resolutions or the just came back from the holidays, and maybe they want to try out boxing because they got a pair of shiny new boxing gloves as a gift and want to try them out. If that’s the case, you’ll need to know how to take care of them.

You see, boxing gloves are not like any piece of sportswear, they take more punishment than your average top. You can’t take your gloves and throw them in the washing machine, it doesn’t work like that. Because of the materials they need special treatment, and little details usually can go unnoticed until it’s too late, we want to prevent that, so we present to you some tips to take care of your gloves:

  • Keep them out of the bag:
    Your boxing glove can be compared to a shoe: both get humid inside and not a lot of light can reach that part. You sweat a lot when exercising so the inside of the glove becomes ideal for bacteria. Keeping them out of your gym bag let some air reach the inside of the glove and helps to prevent unpleasant odors to appear. It’s better if you don’t store them in you gym bag altogether.
  • Wipe them clean:
    After getting home make sure you wipe the gloves with a piece of cloth or towel to remove the extra moisture. Don’t forget to wipe the whole glove, and both gloves.
  • Clean them:
    Leather gloves need a little more care than most, you can’t use water with them because most likely they’ll dry faster. Instead use a leather conditioner or Vaseline. Just remember to treat the leather as it should be, a living tissue.
  • Air dry them:
    Just as it says above, when you’re done with cleaning your gloves let them hang to dry. It’s very important that you don’t let them in an area that is directly hit by the sun. A nice plus is that air drying them will help in maintaining the smell away.