Tips for Movement with Elusive Sparring Bag

Elusive Sparring Bag

For a better practice in movement is important to train with the Elusive Sparring Bag is perfect to help you with your boxing development.

In this video we show you some ways to can get the most out of your trip to the gym!





Learning the basic boxing punches is really important, you might think the point in boxing is just landing a punch however you want to throw it, but boxing actually haves rules and that´s why they are many types of punches and combos that you can learn and practice.


  1. Left jab: This punch is a shot in a straight line coming out basically from your chin. The power of the punch should come from your shoulders, is a really quick move but it can cause a lot of damage to your opponent.
  2. Right cross: When you throw this punch all your upper body must turn towards your opponent but without stepping down your chin guard at all times, usually is used followed by other punches or a combo.
  3. Left or right hook: This punch requires speed and power, usually used when the opponent has exposed himself and you can surprise him with a powerful left or right hook. You raise your elbow and you punch right across.
  4. Uppercut: This is a classic, the punch should be done quickly. You rotate your fist, bent your elbow, slightly dip at the waist and punch upward. Don’t lose your guard because your opponent can take advantage of that, you are extremely vulnerable.