Cleto Reyes Women’s Official Boxing Gloves

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Official Female Boxing Gloves

Female Boxing Gloves: The most recognized professional boxing gloves worldwide are an authentic mexican craft they are 100% handmade with premium leather, extra long laces and a slim design that makes them the preferred gloves of champions in every fight around the world. They are authorized by the most important boxing organizations in the world and have been in world championships since 1945. Anatomically designed with attached thumbs and water repellent lining give every boxer the best protection and comfort.

  • Hand made in Mexico.
  • Veteran Reyes “Long and Lean” slim design for precision.
  • Manufactured under strict quality control in leather and all materials.
  • Attached thumb prevent eye injury and keep thumbs from being broken or sprained.
  • Water-repellent lining prevents moisture from entering padding and keeps gloves more weight constant.
  • Anatomically designed.
  • Extra long laces.
  • Approximate life span of 30 boxing rounds.

Additional Information
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 8 x 6 in

10 oz., 8 oz.



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1 review for Cleto Reyes Women’s Official Boxing Gloves

  1. Rated 1 out of 5 stars
    1 out of 5


    Are you kidding me? PINK! You only have a PINK option. God forbid we be mistaken for actual boxers. Make sure we stick out even more with a freaking pink gloves. PLUS they’re still not a great pair. I got a chance to try these and they are no where near as tailored to our hands as Society Nine’s brand.

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